Print, Pattern or Plain? Here's Your Guide to Choosing a Quilt Cover Design

Choosing A Quilt Cover Design

The right printed quilt cover can transform your bedroom from a simple place of rest to a dreamy retreat you'll love to return to every night. KOO's quilt cover designs cover all the classic, modern and rustic designs you could want, featuring high-quality materials like cotton and linen designed to help keep you at the perfect temperature all night long.

Quilts are known for their incredible breadth of colours, patterns and designs. Choosing the right patterned or printed quilt cover can be tricky, especially when trying to incorporate one into your existing bedroom décor. Let us help you choose the ideal quilt cover designs to suit your home!

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Quilt cover designs guide

At KOO, our amazing range of quilt cover designs means you're sure to discover one (or two!) that you love. But if you're unsure what exact kind of design you're after, sorting through them all can take a lot of effort! So let's break down our four main quilt cover designs:

  • Patterned quilt covers - our pattern quilt covers feature repeated patterns and complimenting colours. They present an organised, neat look that can help bring a room together.
  • Printed quilt covers - a printed quilt cover can feature almost any design, making them a handy choice if you wish to tie a theme that's already present in your bedroom together. At KOO we love quilts featuring designs like flowers, branches, palms and trees, as their natural beauty really shines in a print!
  • Plain quilt covers - if you already have a lot of dĂ©cor in your bedroom, a plain quilt cover will help add the colour you crave without distracting from the other features of your bedroom. If you have patterned curtains, an eye-catching rug or even some gorgeous wallpaper, a plain quilt cover should complement them, rather than clashing with them.
  • Textured quilt covers - create some depth and interest using a textured quilt cover. Not only are they a delight to run your hands over, but the stylish textures are a great way to subtly add some visual flair to your bedroom.

When should I use a patterned quilt cover?

Patterned Quilt Cover

If you want your bed to be the focal point of your room, then a patterned quilt cover is a great way to draw attention! You either choose a single pattern and stick to it, or combine patterns together that match through their general shape or colour theme.

Our pattern quilt cover includes classic patterns like stripes and diamonds, and more intricate patterns like the classic brocade, modern block print and lovely pleated patterns.

Patterned quilt covers look best when they aren't clashing with the rest of your room or even the bed linen - if you have flower-print pillowcases, they probably won't go well with an arty block-print quilt cover. Conversely, if you have a dark-green striped bed, it may match well with some jungle-themed wall art or a leafy indoor plant.

Wonderful Range Of Prints

When should I use a printed quilt cover?

The versatility of a good print cannot be overstated! If there's a particular image you want on your bedspread, chances are you can find it somewhere. At KOO we have a wonderful range of prints inspired by the natural world. Our printed quilt covers feature birdlife, dramatic blooms, exotic plants and Australian flora, with gorgeous colour and style variations to suit your needs.

Because prints can draw so much attention, when choosing one it's vital you take into account the rest of your bedroom's decoration and style. If you choose matching prints, like a stylish cushion on an armchair or some complementing wall art, then your print can be a great way to link the look of your bedroom together. But having a print on your wallpaper, curtains, rug and quilt will probably be a little overwhelming - be measured with your décor to ensure the right piece can shine without interruption!

When should I use a plain quilt cover?

If you want your bedroom to have a crisp and clean feel, then a plain quilt cover is the best place to start. A white, cream or pastel quilt cover provides the perfect blank canvas for the rest of your bedroom to shine, and you can get creative with your materials too! Cotton is the classic fabric of choice for quilts, but linen can provide a crisp, hotel-level of holiday vibes that will make every night feel like a vacation!

Don't feel like a plain quilt cover means you can't have a decorative bed - choose quilt covers with subtle textures like a crushed faux velvet or light waffle texture, or add a textured throw in a bold, contrasting colour or a few bed cushions to create look you're after.

Textured Quilt Cover

When should I use a textured quilt cover?

When decorating your bedroom, colour and pattern tend to be at the forefront of our minds - but texture plays an important part and shouldn't be overlooked. Texture creates a feeling of depth, and this can help keep your bedroom from looking flat and plain.

We love textured quilt covers at KOO, and have a great range of stylish textures for you to choose from. A waffle quilt can invoke memories of tropical vacations, while our detailed pintuck and diamond textures create an ornate visual you can capitalise on with other bedroom décor.

Combine different textures in your room for added interest - a classic quilted cover combined with a ribbed throw creates not only extra comfort and warmth, but style too!

Find The Perfect Quilt Cover

Find the perfect quilt cover for your bedroom with KOO

Refresh your bedroom style with a gorgeous quilt cover from KOO - we hope we've given you some ideas on the best quilt cover designs for you! You can find everything you need to make your purchase online, including a range of payment options and home delivery information for all orders.

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