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Shop beach towels in a range of prints, colours & sizes at KOO! Make your next beach trip special with KOO beach towels which are comfortable & absorbent.

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On Trend Beach Towels For Your Next Adventure

Wrap yourself in comfort with our vibrant collection of beach towels, including our popular striped beach towels. Keep your family warm and dry while you're out enjoying the waves or by the pool. Our colourful styles and gorgeous prints make our beach towels easy to find on the sand, so you'll never lose your spot. Enjoy our extra-large beach towels, round beach towels and kids beach towels.

Update your beach towel collection today with our colourful designs. Add style to your pool scene or beach trip with our striped beach towel and tropical cotton beach towel range. Our geometric and rainbow beach towels look great on the sand, while our fashion beach towel range will brighten up your beach bag.

What's the Difference Between a Beach Towel and a Bath Towel

In Australia, beach towels are larger and thinner than bath towels and bath sheets. The extra-large size works perfectly to cover you up and help you dry. Large beach towels will wrap around you and protect you from any wind or sun, as well as the hot sand while sitting on the beach.

You'll find beach towels aren't as plush or soft as bath towels, for a good reason. They're designed to be much thinner and lighter. This makes them easier to transport and quicker to dry. If your beach towel was too thick, it would absorb too much sand and water into the fibres, making it difficult to clean and dry. The lightweight terry-cotton fabric of our KOO beach towels makes removing sand easy before you leave the beach.

Despite being lightweight, our beach towels are still gentle on your skin. Our kids' beach towels come in plenty of fun prints and colours. Your kids will love choosing a towel that shows their personality.

Caring For Your Beach Towels

After using your beach towels, shake them outside to ensure there's no sand on them. If you're using your beach towels after a saltwater pool, by the lake or at the beach ensure you machine wash your beach towel regularly to keep them fresh and avoid mould growth.

If you're using beach towels at chlorinated swimming pools, you'll need to wash them more regularly, as the chlorine residue can fade colours and wear out fabrics. We recommend washing after each use to rinse out chlorine.

Whilst KOO beach towels are machine washable for convenience, always follow the tag directions to ensure longevity of your beach towel.

Discover Quality Beach Towels You'll Love at KOO

Inspired by the latest trends, our beach towel designs include both contemporary and traditional styles. Enjoy our seasonal prints and colours, including classic monochrome styles, timeless prints and bright patterns. Discover the entire range of towels and outdoor dining essentials at KOO for your next outing. Sign up to the KOO Club for special offers!



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