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Find Beautiful Bed Cushions To Complement Your Bed

A nice arrangement of cushions is the perfect finishing touch to your bed. Coordinate your bed linen with bed cushions from KOO to create a harmonious look that is elegant and classy.

How To Style Cushions On A Bed

Depending on the size of your bed, common ways to style cushions include choosing two larger square cushions to place on the bed, followed by smaller cushions at the front. This way, you create an element of depth and it draws the eyes into the overall picture of the bed. Consider the colour scheme, coordinating quilt cover and headboard when styling your cushions.

How to Choose Cushion Colours and Textures To Match Your Bed?

When choosing bed cushions, coordinate with your quilt cover design. If you have a plain quilt cover, choose patterned or textured cushions to add a layer of interest. In contrast a printed or patterned quilt cover would benefit from more subtle cushions that don't clash too much. Textured cushions are great for creating a cosy atmosphere and achieving a boho or rustic look. If you want a modern simplistic look, perhaps plain linen cushions are the way to go. Try to match the colour scheme of your entire bedroom with the cushions, as they are a focal point of any bedroom.

Shop Bedroom Cushions Online at KOO

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