Refresh your kitchen linen & table linen with our range of tea towels, oven mitts & cloth napkins. Find napery in stylish patterns & colours online at KOO.

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Update Your Napery To Create a Fresh Look

Update your kitchen and dining napery today! View our extensive range of oven mitts, tea towels and cloth napkins. These versatile items can be both a practical and decorative addition to your kitchen. From the everyday tea towel to your special occasion tableware, kitchen linen can help create a cohesive aesthetic in your home and elevate your space. Take a look at the wide range available at KOO.

Tea towels are the workhorse of any kitchen. You use them constantly, from drying dishes and mopping up spills to wrapping around an ice pack after an injury. With patterns and prints in a variety of colours, they're also a great way to inject some personality into your kitchen.

If you like a minimalist, Scandi kitchen, linen tea towels in neutral hues are a perfect choice. For a coastal, Hamptons feel, try cotton tea towels in shades of blue and white. For a bolder look, explore vibrant colours, animal prints, maps and even cheeky slogans to add a little humour.

Makeover Your Table With Elegant Cloth Napkins

Cloth napkins are a stunning addition to any table, creating a high-end restaurant feel. They're also a sustainable, reusable alternative to paper serviettes. Cloth napkins are often saved for special occasions in Australia, but many tables across Europe wouldn't dream of being without them. You can fold them into all kinds of creations or roll them up with a classic napkin ring to make a celebratory meal extra special. Coordinate cloth napkins with your dinnerware, glassware, candles and vases for a polished look for your dining table.

Choose Oven Mitts That Make a Style Statement

Oven mitts and gloves protect you from burns when handling hot pots and dishes, and they can also be a style statement. Oven mitts are available in single packs or pairs and are usually made from quilted fabric with a layer of padding inside. While cotton oven gloves are the traditional choice, silicone oven gloves are also becoming popular.

Double oven gloves are made from one long piece of fabric, with a pocket for each hand. They offer added protection and can be wrapped around large dishes for safer handling. There are plenty of different colours and prints available to suit any kitchen décor, from demure neutrals to bold floral or geometric designs.

Discover Beautiful Kitchen Linen & Table Linen at KOO

Updating your kitchen napery is an affordable way to give your kitchen a makeover. By selecting coordinating or contrasting tea towels, oven mitts and napkins, you can turn everyday items into inspiring interiors. Find the best napery and homewares for your kitchen online with KOO. Sign up to the KOO Club for special offers!



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