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Discover Cosy Flannelette Bed Linen for the Whole Family at KOO

Flannelette bed linen is the perfect cosy companion for your bed when it comes to keeping warm in the cooler months. KOO flannelette sheet sets and flannelette quilt covers come in colour palettes to match every room and decorating theme. From single bed sizes, right up to King, our flannelette sheets, quilt covers and pillowcases are ultra-soft and suitable for kids and adults alike. There's nothing better than curling up in a cosy warm bed on a cold day. Update your fitted and flat flannelette sheets this winter and enjoy that soft flannelette feeling throughout the season.

What is Flannelette - And is it really warmer?

Flannelette is a soft, comfortable fabric that's perfect for both adults and kids. Flannelette is constructed from woven cotton fibres that are brushed to create a lightly fluffy surface. The result is a material that feels cosy and gentle on your skin and produces quality flannelette sheet sets that manage to be remarkably warm while staying lightweight and breathable.

Flannelette Bed Linen FAQs

Can you put flannelette sheets in the dryer?

Flannelette bed linen should ideally be air dried. If you're using a laundry dryer, make sure you use the lowest possible heat setting, as high temperatures can cause flannelette to stiffen and shrink. Avoid over drying the sheets by removing them from the dryer before the cycle is complete, and allow them to fully dry by draping them over a flat surface.

How to wash flannelette sheets?

With a little care and attention when laundering, your flannelette sheet sets and quilt covers will keep you cosy for many winters to come. Flannelette material should be washed in cool to warm water temperatures, using a gentle machine cycle. Always remember to check the care label on your flannelette sheets as washing instructions sometimes vary according to the thread count or fabric finishes.

How to stop flannelette sheets from pilling?

Pilling is the name for those pesky little fuzz balls that can appear on your flannelette bed linen. They're created when the cotton fibres tangle and break, and then become stuck together with abrasion. The main culprit of flannelette pilling is using the incorrect laundering method, so make sure you always adhere to the manufacturer's care instructions! You can also help prevent pilling by "setting" the fibres in the first laundering process - do this by simply adding half a cup of white vinegar before in with the recommended wash cycle.

How to organise and store flannelette bed linen?

It's best to store your flannelette sheets in a linen cupboard with your other bed linen. If you're only using flannelette sheets in winter, you can use vacuum seal bags to keep them fresh between seasons. Baskets are an excellent linen cupboard addition - they'll streamline laundry day by helping you organise your bed linen by size. Depending on your needs, you might have one for summer and one for winter, or alternatively, one for the kids and another for adults.

Style Your Flannelette Bed Linen With Bedding & Homewares From KOO

It's easy to coordinate your flannelette quilt covers and sheets with the right accessories and homewares from KOO. The beauty of flannelette sheets is their neutral tones. They're easy to pair with a vibrant flannelette or any quilt cover and they take a very understated role on your bed, leaving the styling options endless. We recommend pairing your flannelette sheets with throws, blankets and decorative bed cushions to add colour to your room. Think comfort, cosiness and warmth to create the ultimate stylish winter haven when working with flannelette.

Shop Quality Flannelette Sheets & Quilt Covers Online With KOO

Our range of premium flannelette bed linen is available in all sizes, including single and king single to suit your kid's bedroom. Find a great range of kids bedding at KOO including great kid's flannelette sheets to keep them toasty warm in the colder months. Kids love the soft and cosy feel and it makes going to bed a more inviting task. Complete your winter bedroom makeover with warm quilts and duvets, and layer up with throw blankets for an additional cosy accent. Shop flannelette bed linen online today with KOO, and don't forget to sign up to the KOO Club for exclusive offers, sale prices and membership discounts!



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