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Shop Cosy Flannelette Bed Linen You'll Love

Shop our range today and update your flannelette bed linen with colour palettes to match every room. From single bed sizes, right up to King, our flannelette sheets, quilt covers and pillowcases are ultra-soft and suitable for kids and adults alike. There's nothing better than a cosy warm bed on a cold day. Update your fitted and flat flannelette sheets and enjoy that soft feeling today!

What is Flannelette and is it Really Warmer?

Flannelette is a soft, comfortable fabric that's perfect for both adults and kids. Made from brushed cotton or a wool-cotton blend - flannelette is a material that feels cosy and gentle on your skin. Offering the best of both worlds with cotton and wool, quality flannelette sheet sets manage to be remarkably warm while staying light-weight and breathable.

Our flannelette sheet set range is perfect for chilly winter nights. Made with 180gsm flannelette, these sheets will help regulate your body temperature all night long. Plus, you may not even need to keep the heating on, saving you energy costs and helping you do your bit for our planet.

Styling Your Flannelette Bed Linen

The beauty of flannelette sheets is their neutral tones. They're easy to pair with a vibrant flannelette or any quilt cover and they take a very understated role on your bed, leaving the styling options endless. We recommend pairing your flannelette sheets with throw blankets and decorative bed cushions to add colour to your room. Comfort is key when working with flannelette.

Available in all sizes, including single, king single and double, you'll find great kids flannelette bedding, particularly during colder months. Kids love the soft and cosy feel and it makes going to bed a more inviting task. Try letting them choose their own kids bed sheets to reduce bedtime worries.

Organising and Storing Your Flannelette Bed Linen in the Warmer Months

It's best to store your flannelette sheets in a linen cupboard with your other bed linen. If you're only using flannelette sheets in winter, you can use vacuum seal bags to keep them fresh between seasons. Baskets are an excellent linen cupboard addition - they'll streamline laundry day by helping you organise your bed linen by size. Depending on your needs, you might have one for summer and one for winter, or alternatively, one for the kids and another for adults.

Discover the Range of Quality Flannelette Bed Linen at KOO

If you're buying flannelette sheets for different sized beds, we recommend purchasing different colours for different sizes, making the right size easy to find. Explore our impressive range of KOO quality flannelette bed linen and don't forget to sign up to the KOO Club for special offers!



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