Floral bedroom ideas and inspiration

Floral bedroom ideas and inspiration

The versatility of florals cannot be understated, and at KOO were excited to offer you a beautiful range of floral-themed homewares and bed linen to decorate your home with. The bedroom is the perfect space to bask in the glow of floral décor - whether whimsical and light or dark and dramatic, florals can find a place in any living space. Interested in creating a floral themed bedroom? Let us inspire you with some floral bedroom ideas anyone can try at home!

Why create a floral themed bedroom?

Whether you're a bonafide romantic or just need a refresh in your bedroom style, choosing florals as your styling base not only gives you a multitude of style options but is a classic look that, when implemented carefully, will never go out of style.

Because of the natural variations you find in florals in nature, you can choose the colours you love when decorating with floral motifs. With every colour of the rainbow available to choose from, you're sure to find floral décor you'll love at KOO!

How to create a floral themed bedroom

Whether you want to saturate your area with floral bedroom ideas or just want a few pieces here and there, you have plenty of different options for adding elements of this gorgeous theme to your space. The bed is the main centrepiece for your bedroom, with each element available to be improved with the use of floral bedding.

Floral Themed Bedroom

Floral bed linen ideas

Your bed linen include pillowcases and sheets, at KOO we have several stunning floral bed sheets and pillowcases for you to mix and match on your bed. When looking for floral bed sheets, choose ones that will compliment your choice of quilt cover or comforter - if you have a very detailed set of floral bed sheets, an unadorned quilt cover will allow them to shine.

If you are looking for single pillowcases, choose matching colours for the rest of your bed to create a cohesive look in your floral design. Our floral pillowcases include both light and dark floral designs to help accentuate your other floral-themed décor.

Floral quilt cover sets and floral bed spreads ideas

The topping of your bed is the best place to show off your floral style if you want it on full display. Going big and bold with your florals here is a solid way to pull eyes onto your centrepiece. Floral bed spreads and floral quilt cover sets can be quite commanding in a space, so make sure to balance them out with less-detailed sheets and cushions.

Floral Quilt Cover Sets

Floral cushion ideas

For small pops of flower and plant imagery, choose a few floral cushions to spread around the room. A few on the bed can serve as anchor points for a setup with patterned sheets and a plain doona and pillows, while a cushion on an armchair will add a centre point of visual interest in a blank area.

Floral Cushion Ideas

Other floral décor ideas for your bedroom

While your bed is an obvious choice for decorating with floral motifs, the rest of your room can benefit from a floral touch if you feel more is needed to complete the theme.

Floral wall art and prints

Any of KOO's floral-themed wall art prints will be a classy addition to your bedroom, thanks to their clean designs and modern frames. Match your chosen floral wall art to your wall colour - deep green walls will pop with dark floral imagery, while paler walls will accentuate the delicacy of a pastel floral print.

If you have floral wallpaper, choose less detailed floral prints for bedrooms so your designs don't clash with each other.

Floral Wall Art

Add greenery and floristry to your room

Bring some authenticity to your floral bedroom with some of KOO's beautiful faux greenery and flower stems. Not only will they add wonderfully to your floral theme, but artificial plants also add texture and depth to your bedroom with their natural shapes and designs.

Place your fake plants in a vase on a side table, gather stems in bunches and hang them or have a single flower running the length of your dresser - let your floral bedroom décor inspire your placement!

Floral and botanical curtains

For floral décor with impact, frame your bedroom windows with some beautiful floral curtains. KOO has a wonderful array of sheer and opaque floral-designed curtains you can use to accentuate your windows while adding to your overall floral look - the diffused light that comes through a sheer curtain is perfect for creating a dreamy atmosphere in your bedroom, while our opaque floral curtains will leave no one in doubt to your room's theme.

Create an amazing floral bedroom with KOO

If you're ready to create the floral bedroom of your dreams, KOO is delighted to offer you a wonderful range of homewares and décor to choose from. Find everything you need online, where you can use a variety of payment options to have your décor home delivered.

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