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Experience some luxury every day with KOO bath robes. Discover our range of stylish bath robes made from quality materials. Shop bathrobes online today!

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Discover Quality Bathrobes For a Tranquil Bathroom Experience

Surround yourself in comfort with our quality bath robe collection. Indulge in our plush styles and neutral colours featuring grey, navy and pink, with sizing from small to extra large. You'll feel wrapped in warmth with our super-soft fabric, perfect after a warm bath or shower, or to keep you covered on those cool nights. Create a spa-like experience at home and shop online today!

Our KOO bathrobe comes in versatile colours and sizes. Our robes are designed to be generous so that they can wrap around you and keep you warm. Older kids will love our small/medium size as they'll feel completely wrapped in comfort.

Enjoy a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home. The classic colours and design of our bathrobes pair beautifully with our other bathroom accessories, including bath mats. Shop our full range of personal bath and body products today and give yourself a five-star hotel experience at home.

The Benefits of a Bathrobe vs a Towel

A bathrobe fully envelopes your body in a warm hug as opposed to a towel. Bath robes feature sleeves and adjustable ties so you can get a customised hands free fit, as opposed to trying to wrap a towel. Once upon a time, bath robes were only used straight after a bath or shower. Over the years, we've discovered just how cosy and warm bathrobes and dressing gowns can be. Made with ultra-soft microfibre, our KOO Australia bathrobe collection is not just for the bathroom. Wear your bathrobe on a chilly winter morning or at night, while you're relaxing with a movie or reading a book. Bath robes have quickly become a versatile comfort accessory.

Keeping Your Bathrobe Clean - How Often Should You Wash a Bath Robe?

It's recommended to wash your bath robe once a week to keep it fresh and clean. If used after a shower or bath, be sure to hang your robe on a hook or bath rail to ensure it dries properly. Our bath robes are made from easy to wash materials, and can be washed in your washing machine. Always check the washing instructions on your new robe for the recommended water temperature and settings for that particular fabric.

Discover Comforting Bathrobes Today at KOO

Feel surrounded by comfort with Australia's popular new bath robe collection at KOO. Wear your bathrobe after a warm bath or shower, or even when just lounging around. Our super-soft, plush fabric will wrap around you, helping you feel snug and secure and inviting feelings of relaxation and calm. Check out our complete bathroom collection online at KOO sign up to the KOO Club for special offers!



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