How to choose cushions to match your home

Choosing Cushions To Match Your Home

House cushions are a great way to add colour, comfort and personality to your home without taking away from the look of your existing home décor. In many cases, they will be what ties your entire home look together!

When it comes to choosing functional and aesthetic cushions for your home, it's easy to get lost in the sea of variety. Cushions can come in all sorts of sizes, colours, patterns and materials, and what suits one room of your home may not work as well in another.

At KOO, we're proud to offer you a huge range of high-quality cushions you can use throughout your home. Interested in upping your home décor game? Let us guide you through everything you need to know about choosing and styling cushions in your home!

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What kinds of cushions can I find at KOO?

You can find cushions for the bedroom, dining room, lounge room, and even the outdoors here at KOO. But which kind is best for you? Let's take a look at what exactly you can discover here:

Couch cushions

Classic, comfortable and often the hidden key to creating a coherent look in your living room, our couch cushions come in an excellent range of colours and materials you can use to suit your personal style. Our couch cushions are created from durable materials that won't tear or condense with use, and are perfect for both form (looking amazing) and function (squeezing during a scary movie).

Couch Cushions

Floor cushions

Add a new level of comfort to your home with floor cushions. These large, thick cushions are designed to hold their shape and strength even after being trodden on, and are a great choice when you find yourself spending time on the floor often. Whether you have small children, love watching movies or have agreed to host game night at home, you'll find floor cushions very handy - for comfort and style!

Chair cushion pads

Whether you need a little extra style, something soft to sit on or a height boost, our chair pads are the easiest way to achieve all three in one. Designed to sit snugly on dining room chairs, chair pads are the best thing to sink into after a long day's work when you're ready to eat!

How to match cushions to sofas and couches

Cushions on your sofa is like butter on your bread - you don't necessarily need it, but isn't it just so much better to have some? Couch cushions can add the pops of colour and texture your living room needs to go from 'nice' to 'amazing', plus they make your downtime a lot more comfortable by giving you extra support as you relax.

There are four main rules you need to keep in mind when deciding how to style cushions on a couch:

  • Contrast materials and colours from your couch - if you choose cushions that look too similar to the couch they're on, they may just fade into the background and make your couch look lumpy. So if you have a brown leather couch, try a cream shag cushion to pop against the dark, smooth material of your sofa. If your couch is grey and made from textured linen, pastel pink cushions will stand out while also complementing the colour. Keep it interesting and don't be afraid to get creative with your cushions!
  • Choose colours drawn from your living room - another way to choose cushion colour is to take inspiration from the other colours in your living room. Pull colours from wall art, side lamps and even your coffee table and reflect them in your choice of cushion. A well-draped throw or blanket can help highlight your chosen colour, so feel free to layer one with your cushions.
  • Arrange them spread over the couch - there are a few different ways you can arrange cushions on your couch, and how you choose will depend on the kind of look you are trying to achieve. If you like a more neat and tidy space, an even amount of cushions on either side of your lounge will look great. If you like a more natural and flowing style, then you can place an uneven amount on either side of your lounge. The key in both is to leave some space in the middle empty, both to give your eyes a break and provide ample space for seating!
  • Make it interesting with different heights and fabrics - the human eye loves going on a journey, and you can take yours on one by varying the heights and materials of your cushions. Style smaller cushions in front of larger ones, combine textured cushions with smooth modern cushions and add a few luxury cushions made from silken materials to really create a visual smorgasbord!
Cushions To Style A Couch

How many cushions do I need to style a couch?

If you've asked yourself 'how many cushions on a couch do I need?', then you're not alone! You need to strike the right balance between a sad and empty couch (not enough) and a busy, overcrowded couch (too many), while also considering the material, size and colour - it's not easy.

Generally you'll want at least one cushion per person on your couch. So if it seats three have at least three couch cushions. But unless you're very clever with your styling, even this can not seem to be enough.

There is no one rule for the number of cushions you should have for your lounge, but generally the bigger the lounge set, the more cushions you should use so it doesn't feel empty. Try to have enough cushions to fill out the ends of your couch, plus one or two in the middle.

A single cushion can always have its place! Single armchairs or recliners are well-suited to only having one cushion, and if you have a statement cushion you're keen to show off, it may be able to hold its own on a smaller couch as well.

How to choose cushion colours & styles

If you like to keep on top of trends then you will have seen certain types of cushions constantly popping up in all sorts of professionally-styled settings. If you want to create a space that is both fashionable and comfortable, consider the following cushions:

Boho cushions

With its effortless blend of casual style and layered colour, boho cushions are a fantastic way to add to an already bohemian interior or to just add that pop of style you crave. Hallmarks of boho cushions include edge fringing, textured designs, natural colours and woven detailing.

Modern Cushions

Modern cushions

If you enjoy a minimalist or contemporary-style home, then modern cushions will help you consolidate your look without distracting from the overall theme of your space. Bold block colours, clean patterns and geometric designs can help create a refreshing and interesting landscape across your lounge room, especially when co-styled with other modern home décors.

Textured cushions

Create a cosy home with gorgeous textured cushions that you'll love snuggling into! Textured cushions work well in both neutral and bold colour palettes, so feel free to choose the right ones for your home and enjoy running your hands over these addictive fabric of your textured cushions. Mix textures to create even more visual interest!

Find The Right Cushions For Your Home

Find the right cushions for your home with KOO

Discover an incredible collection of comfortable, durable and aesthetic cushions online with KOO. All orders are home delivered, and with a great range of payment options available, there's nothing stopping you from finding the cushion of your dreams!

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