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Discover Classy Footstools and Ottomans to Complete Your Space

Put your feet up and enjoy our stylish range of footstools and ottomans. Ideal to make a statement in your room, you'll love our vibrant colours and fabrics to suit every space. Shop our plush faux fur designs, ultra-soft faux velvet and textured woven footstools. Be inspired by our elegant footstool collection and discover how a round pouf or ottoman can complete your look. Choose your style and shop online today!

Footstools, ottomans and round poufs help add a classic, timeless style to your space without compromising on colour. With our range, it's easy to find a footstool that matches the tone of your homewares, whether it be cushioned footstools in classic neutral shades or ottomans in bright bursts of colour. Indulge in our classic chic round pouf with a Hamptons style, or opt for practicality with our large footstool with storage.

A modern, luxury item that's become a family favourite, footstools are not only reserved for living areas - they can also be a statement piece in your bedroom or kids playroom. An ottoman that complements your bed linen or rug can add a timeless furniture piece to your room, elevating the style instantly.

What's the Difference Between a Footstool, Ottoman and Round Pouf?

While they all provide a comfortable space to rest your feet, there are a few subtle differences between a footstool, ottoman and round pouf. In most cases though, the terms are interchangeable.

  • Footstools are usually smaller than ottomans, providing just enough space for your feet. They don't intrude too much in your room and are easy to move around.
  • Ottomans are commonly matched with your sofa or lounge. They're designed to be on display and are sometimes large enough for two people to sit on comfortably.
  • Round poufs are designed mostly with style in mind. They're a focal point in your room and are often plush and soft with intricate stitching or fabric.

Ottomans With Hidden Storage

Our ottomans and footstools with storage are excellent for keeping your magazines, books and kids toys stored away. They'll help to keep your living space clean and clutter-free while not removing any of the comfort items that make your house a home. Larger ottomans will be able to store your decorative cushions, giving you easy access to update the colour scheme of your room in minutes. Take a look at our storage range for more helpful storage ideas.

Shop Stylish Footstools and Ottomans Online at KOO

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