Guide to Styling Your Home With Artificial Flowers

Guide to Styling Your Home With Artificial Flowers

Artificial flowers are a great way to add colour and personality to your home - without the hassle of maintaining temperamental house plants. An eye catching floral arrangement and a well placed pot plant will bring life and joy into your house, creating a space you want to come home to. More people are opting to fill their home with faux flowers and plants, and we understand why! KOO artificial flowers come in a range of colours, textures, and heights to arrange and decorate in your home. But how should you arrange faux plants, and where should you style them in your home? Let us share our best artificial flower decorating tips and guide you towards beautiful florals that lasts a lifetime!

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What kinds of faux florals can I find at KOO?

You can find high-quality artificial flowers, plants, and greenery here at KOO, as well as decorative vases that will take your floral arrangements to the next level. But what are the best artificial plants for your home? Let's break down the types of faux florals and how to decorate them.

Artificial flower stems and sprays

Artificial flower stems and sprays

Whether you're looking for bright pops of colour, or delicate and classical texture, our range of artificial flower stems and sprays can be mixed and matched to suit your personal style. A single spray in a thin vase gives an elegant touch for minimalist styling. Sprays can also be styled with stems to create a fuller, more dramatic arrangement.

Artificial plants and greenery

Artificial plants are a home styling essential. Every room needs a touch of greenery and life, but not every room has the right conditions for plants to thrive, which is why faux greenery is becoming so popular. Choosing the right pot or vase will bring out the colours and textures of your artificial plants. At KOO, our range of pots are designed to highlight and elevate the plants they house. Make sure you pick a pot large enough to fit your plant so that it's not overcrowded - this will allow the quality and beauty of KOO artificial plants to pull focus

How to create an artificial flower arrangement

How to create an artificial flower arrangement

With so many artificial plants and flowers on offer, it's hard to know how to style an eye-catching arrangement. As long as you choose flowers that you love, and follow a few handy styling tips, you can create a beautiful arrangement that will stand out in any room.

Choosing your floral

The first step in creating a beautiful floral arrangement is choosing which artificial flower stems and sprays you want to use. Start by thinking about the colours you want to bring into each room. Bright shades of pink, blue, and sunny yellows can inject energy and joy into a space, while dark burgundy and deep greens add a romantic and luxurious touch. Once you've chosen your colours, pick some complementary sprays and foliage to add depth and texture to your arrangement. One of the biggest benefits of high quality artificial flowers is that they will last for years. This means that you can choose the stems and sprays you love, and rearrange them in your house to create new looks and styles.

Picking the right vase

Now that you have chosen your floral, you might be wondering how to arrange artificial flowers in a vase. Choosing the right vessel for your arrangement can make or break the look. Find a flower vase that suits your personal style and matches the rest of your home decor. This will help to seamlessly tie the arrangement into the room's decor. For a full and dramatic arrangement, pick a vase with a wide neck, as this will allow you enough space to get creative with your arrangement. If you want a chic and minimalist touch of floral, a tall, thin vase is the way to go.

Style Artificial Flowers

Where should I style artificial flowers?

Deciding how to decorate with artificial flowers is the final step in bringing your home decor together. A correctly placed pot plant or flower arrangement can inject life into a room and bring out colours and textures in the rest of the decor. These are our favourite ways to style with artificial flowers.

Bathroom styling

Bathrooms and laundries are tiled and filled with hard surfaces, so it's important to bring natural touches into these rooms. Adding a small bit of greenery will lighten and soften the room, and give the illusion of more sunlight. We recommend placing a pot plant on your shelves, this can completely change the look and feel of a small bathroom or laundry. A thin vase with a single stem is another great way to bring in a pop of floral. Perfect for catching the light on your window seal or adding some colour to your basin.

Living Room Styling

Living room styling

The living room is the perfect place to style a statement plant. Placing a tall, beautiful artificial plant next to your couch can help make the furniture feel more natural in the room. Add another statement pot plant in any empty corners of the room to create balance. We recommend finishing the room off by styling your favourite flower arrangement on a coffee table or kitchen bench.

Bedroom styling

The artificial floral arrangement you choose for your bedroom should be one filled with your favourite colours and flowers! A fun and vibrant arrangement is perfect for colour-lovers who want to wake up to the shades of spring! Alternatively, a classic arrangement of roses is perfect for creating an elegant space.

Find the right artificial flowers

Find the right artificial flowers for your home with KOO

Discover an incredible collection of high-quality artificial flowers and plants, available for home delivery with KOO. We have all the essentials you need to create a beautiful arrangement, and a great range of payment options available online.

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