Styling a Tropical Bedroom with KOO

Styling a Tropical Bedroom with KOO

Designing a tropical themed bedroom is the perfect way to bring calm and tranquillity into your life. Modern tropical styling is all about creating a home that embodies relaxation and all the joys of a tropical getaway. Deciding how to style a tropical bedroom can be a challenge, let us share our best tropical decorating tips to help you create a chic and serene bedroom with KOO.

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Benefits of Tropical Bedroom Styling

There are so many benefits to incorporating tropical themes into your bedroom decor and so many ways to achieve the look. Adding natural woods and tropical prints can make a room feel fresh and lively, creating a tranquil atmosphere for you to unwind after a long day. Tropical themed bedrooms give the illusion of more natural light, making the space feel brighter and more open. Additionally, having tropical plants in your home is actually good for your health by reducing stress and anxiety. Our tropical bedroom decorating ideas can help you create a relaxing oasis at home.

How to create a tropical themed bedroom

There are many ways to add a touch of the tropics to your bedroom depending on the result you want to achieve. Tropical decor can be bright and colourful, or muted and organic, but there are a few key elements that will allow you to perfect the look. Our bedroom styling ideas make styling your tropical room a breeze.

Tropical Themed Bedroom

Vacation worthy bed sheets

Nothing says relaxing vacation like soft and plush, hotel quality sheets. When designing a tropical bedspread, choosing the right sheets will elevate the look and feel of your room. At KOO, we have a huge range of quality bed linen in varying colours and thread counts so you can choose the best option for you. We recommend choosing sheets in a muted, organic colour, to pair with a bold, tropical quilt cover.

Tropical quilt covers

No tropical room is complete without a touch of palm print! A statement quilt cover brings the lively energy of tropical styling into your bedroom. To achieve an eclectic and bold tropical style, choose a colourful palm print that immediately draws the eye. For a more elegant look, pair a monotone and muted palm or floral print quilt cover with colourful tropical accessories.

Tropical Quilt Covers


When choosing bed cushions for tropical bedroom decor, try combining natural colours with bold prints. Tropical cushions are a great way to add colourful print to a minimalist tropical bedroom. Pair your patterned cushions with a muted, high quality quilt cover to draw attention to the print. For those who opt for a tropical patterned quilt cover, choose cushions with simple designs and organic colours.

Throws and accessories

Tropical decor brings to mind sunny days and warm nights, but not everyone lives in a tropical climate. Adding a warm and cosy throw is essential for cold nights and doesn't have to ruin the tropical atmosphere. We recommend choosing a textured throw to add another dimension to your bed spread.

Tropical Styling Ideas

Other Tropical styling ideas

Adding tropical decor to the bedroom goes beyond a beautiful bedspread. Touches of light wood and greenery will elevate the room and tie the look together.

Greenery and floral

The allure of tropical plants is undeniable. They add unique textures, colours, and shapes that elevate tropical styling and contribute to the relaxing atmosphere. At KOO, our high-quality artificial pot plants mean anyone can achieve the look and feel of the tropics, no matter the climate. Styling tropical plants in light wood pots or baskets will bring out their colours and enhance the natural energy they bring to the room.

Styling Tropical Accessories

Styling tropical accessories

Adding the right accessories to your tropical bedroom will help to balance and elevate the styling. Look for wall art with tropical themes that remind you of relaxing getaways and warm weather. Florals, palm print, or a beautiful beach scene are all great options and can be paired with a light wood frame to help blend seamlessly into the space.

Create a tropical bedroom with KOO

At KOO we have everything you need to create a relaxing oasis at home. Our range of hotel-quality bed linen and tropical decor are available for home delivery to help you transform your bedroom into a tropical paradise. Browse the full collection online today and don't forget to join the KOO Club for great discounts, vouchers, and other goodies!




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