How To Create Texture And Depth In Your Home With KOO

How To Create Texture And Depth In Your Home With KOO

Ready to start decorating your new home, or are you keen to refresh your current home's style and look? An easy way to create interest is to add texture and depth to your living spaces, like the bedroom and living room.

Layering accessories like cushions and throws on a plain textured surface (textured Quilt Cover Set or a cosy couch) you can easily create an inspiring and relaxing home space that you can unwind and enjoy.

At KOO we have a beautiful range of textured home décor you can choose from to bring your artistic vision to life. Arrange in 3…Odd numbers are more visually appealing when grouped. Try grouping 3 cushions together and be open to mixing different sizes and shapes.

What do texture and depth bring to a home?

The textures and shades you use at home can change how it feels and appeals to you, your family and your guests. Texture can make a room soft and warm or cool and modern, and it can even be used to draw attention to certain parts of your living space. KOO has a wonderful variety of homewares you can use to different looks in your home, and we're here to inspire you to create a space you'll love to live in! Let KOO inspire you to discover the love of home.

How to add texture and depth to your bedroom

The bedroom is everyone's favourite room to decorate. Experiment by layering your bed with key pieces to give you depth and create the mood you want. Start by adding European pillowcases, a cushion and Coverlet Set to elevate your space.

Choose Textured Bedding and Bed Linen

Choose Textured Bedding and Bed Linen

Textured Quilt Cover Sets are a popular choice as it enables you to create a soft and subtle lived in style. Your bed linen, including sheets, quilt cover sets, coverlets and pillowcases are all opportunities for adding interesting textures to your bedroom. Try mixing the textures on your bed so they work in harmony - contrast colour or subtle printed sheets with a textured bed throw or cushions .Coverlet Sets are a great edition, on the cooler nights you can use for extra warmth and in the summer months you can use folded across the bed for a feature style.

Textured cushions are a great way to add depth and interest to your bedroom. KOO's bedroom décor cushions come in shag, sparkling, matte and velvet-like textures and are an easy way to add interest and comfort to your bedding.

Add Unique Rugs And Mats

A carefully styled rug or mat can perfectly frame your bedroom and completely transform the look and feel of the room. Play with texture in a plain bedroom, rugs also keep your feet toasty warm in the morning. A shag rug, seagrass mat or woven runner can all compliment your bedroom nicely, but be careful not to overwhelm your bedroom with textures. If you have a highly textured bed and other bedroom décor, a plainer rug will serve to compliment your room without confusing your textures together.

Add Unique Rugs And Mats

Textured Home Décor Accessories

Your home décor accessories can be used as an opportunity to display many different textures in a small space. Indoor plants are an excellent example, due to their many varieties and sizes. You can fill small or large bedroom spaces with a real or faux plant, and enjoy the health benefits that come with indoor plants, as well as the visual boost.

Bowls, trays and statuettes can be styled to suit any home decoration style and are also great ways to introduce small amounts of varying textures. Brushed, matte, smooth and shiny textures are abundant in home décor and are great fun to mix and match on your bedroom furniture like side tables, drawers and shelves.

Add Depth With Wall Art And Photographs

Add Depth With Wall Art And Photographs

Decorate the walls of your bedroom with framed wall art and precious photographs - it's a great way to add texture and depth to your room while also displaying precious memories. Frames can add colour and depth to your images, and you can try unusual techniques like creating a shadow box or a floating frame to display your art with depth.

For dramatic textures in paintings, look for impasto, oil or thick acrylic paintings that allow you to see the brushstrokes and peaks of the paint.

Pressed flowers, leaves and other natural textures are great for displaying as art and are perfect for displaying in a 3D setting.

How To Add Texture And Depth To Your Living Room

How To Add Texture And Depth To Your Living Room

As the room you'll be spending most of your leisure time in, having interesting textures in your living room is a must! There are so many ways you can decorate your living room, and opportunities for adding texture and depth can be found in every corner of the space.

Cosy Blankets And Throws Add Instant Warmth

Not only do they make cosying up much more pleasant, but warm blankets and textured throws look fabulous when draped over your living room couch or recliner! Contrast your throws with the material and colour of your couch and any carpet that may be underneath - for example, if you have a smooth leather couch, a chunky knitted throw will contrast nicely. Conversely, if your couch had a more detailed finish like a patchwork or velvet design, then a smooth throw will add texture without clashing with that of your couch.

Quilts are also handy for throwing over a couch - use a textured quilt cover to add extra colour and softness to your seating.

Textured Cushions Add a Point of Interest

Whether they're for stabilising your back, clutching in a scary movie or supporting you as you nap, a few decorative cushions are always appreciated and are great ways to add pops of colour and texture to your living room. KOO textured cushions come in many stylish varieties like piped velvet, shag, faux fur, tufted and woven, making them easy to coordinate with your current furnishings. Be sure to contrast them with the textures of your lounge set, throws and rugs if applicable.

Homely Carpets And Rugs For Your Living Room

As an area that receives a lot of traffic, having a carpet or rug underfoot in the living room will be appreciated by many. Pop a fluffy rug under a glass coffee table, a circular jute mat in front of a smooth cotton sofa or a long woven runner in front of a leather couch set - make sure textures complement each other without clashing or overshadowing the other textures in the room.

Textured Home Décor Accessories To Impress

Your living room is the perfect space to display all sorts of home décor accessories like statuettes, plants, candles, wall art and more! You can create a mini-jungle in the corner using large faux plants or add a few pops of colour with any of KOO's gorgeous flower stems. Plants create texture, colour and interest in any room, and KOO's artificial plants are realistic enough to make anyone believe you've got a green thumb.

Indoor candles create visual interest with their differing heights, colours and shapes, especially when lit! Add additional texture with a candle holder to make your chosen candle more of a centrepiece.

Bordered wall art and framed photos can add texture to your walls, while also creating points of interest around the room. Floating frames and shadowbox-style displays create depth and texture on the walls, but a bold, traditional-style frame can also be used for a more subtle effect.

Discover The Love Of Home Textures With Koo

Create a home you're proud to live in with us at KOO. Our bed linen and homewares come in all the textures you'll need to create a cohesive design in your living space, and all can be found online for home delivery.

With a variety of payment options available and reliable delivery across Australia, now's the time to revamp your home with KOO! Join the KOO Club for free and enjoy discounts, vouchers, early sale alerts and other special offers.




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