Create a calm and relaxing space in your home with our selection of scented candles. Shop stunning fragranced candles to uplift & refresh your home at KOO!

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Turn Your Home Into a Sanctuary With a Fragranced Candle

There's nothing more relaxing than the uplifting fragrance of a scented candle. Create a welcoming ambience in your home or office with our collection of candles, perfect for any room or living area. Enjoy organic, natural scents while bringing a sense of calm to your space. Surround yourself with beautiful scented candles and accessories. Shop the range online today!

Add a wonderful sense of calm and relaxation to your space with a scented candle. Carefully poured in quality candle tins and glass jars offer natural fragrances, including lemongrass, green tea, vanilla and more. We've created an extensive range of candles to help you relax and unwind.

Unwind With Our Uplifting Scented Candles

Scented candles can help relieve anxiety and stress while boosting your mood. Lavender scented candles are renowned for their calming abilities, creating a soothing environment to help you rest. Vanilla and lemongrass scented candles can help improve your energy, while peppermint and eucalyptus fragrances can offer you focus and clarity. Discover the candle scent that works best for you.

Candles are excellent to add subtle fragrances to your home. Our scented candles are filled with quality wax and natural scents. Available in a variety of fragrances, style your candle to match your homewares.

Our designer collection of scented candles will infuse a fresh, uplifting scent in your room while making a statement on your shelf. These intricately designed candle tins come in gorgeous designs and packaging, making them ideal to have on display - and the perfect gift idea! View our complete designer collection online to create a vibrant and inspiring space in your home.

Create a Serene Space With Scented Candles From KOO

Create a sense of calm with KOO's candles and diffusers, or shop the entire home fragrance collection today. Coordinate your candles with lamps and lighting to create an ambient atmosphere. Refresh your home and discover the whole range of home decor at KOO. Sign up to the KOO Club for special offers!



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