How To Create A Boho Style Bedroom

How To Create A Boho Style Bedroom

Looking to create a bedroom that oozes comfort, relaxation and style? Try creating a cosy boho bedroom that you'll love waking up to every day!

Boho bedroom décor mixes together an eclectic combination of styles, including vintage with modern, earthy with glam and rustic with beachy. The mantra for boho bedroom inspiration is 'less is more', and you're encouraged to showcase a wonderful mixture of textures and colours, with the aim of creating an inviting space perfect for snuggling into.

At KOO we're here to help you style the boho bedroom of your dreams, and we are delighted to offer you an amazing selection of bedding and bedroom décor to help bring your boho vision to life. From boho cushions to boho quilt covers, you'll be able to find what you need at KOO!

How To Make A Boho Bedroom

Whether you are building a new bedroom from the ground up or just want to uplift your current space, boho style is fun and easy to implement in even the smallest bedrooms! Let's start with the centrepiece of your bedroom: the bed.

Boho Style Bed Inspiration: Bedding and Bed Linen

When styling a boho-style bed, let's start at the base.

  • Boho bed sheets are usually made from cotton or linen. Cotton sheets are soft and breathable, while linen sheets are thicker and more likely to crease (though they will become wonderfully soft after a few washes). Colour-wise, your boho bed sheet sets should be chosen to go with your choice of coverlet or duvet. Having white or cream bed sheets opens up options for a delightfully coloured doona, while bed sheets in a bold colour like navy blue or a floral print mean you'll need a plainer or complimenting quilt cover so as not to clash.
  • Your pillowcases should, again, match either your sheets or doona. Choose pillowcases with a little texture to add to the overall boho look, although nothing too textured that you won't be comfortable resting your head on your pillow.
  • Top your bed off with a doona, quilt cover or comfy coverlet in spectacular boho style! A boho quilt cover should feature gorgeous textures, exotic patterns and bold colours - after all, it is the central point of your boho-style bedroom! If your bed sheets are quite colourful, try a white, waffle quilt cover or a warm mustard quilted cover. If your bed sheets are plain, you can go all out and choose a boldly-coloured boho quilt cover with a striking pattern that will help tie your room together.
  • Many boho-style beds are closer to the ground or feature a four-post feature (great for hanging décor from!), but don't fret if your existing bed doesn't match these - choosing the right bedding will go a long way to creating that boho style bedroom you're looking for!
  • Your bed is the perfect place for a throw rug and some bed cushions, and they're a great opportunity to add some extra patterns and textures to your space. Choose boho cushions and throws with tassels, fur, bobbles and other interesting features and place them casually over your bed - there's no need for neatness in a boho style bedroom!
Boho Bedroom Furnishings Ideas

Boho Bedroom Furnishings Ideas

Now that you've got your boho style bedding sorted it's time to style the other furnishings in your bedroom.

  • Naked bulbs or the classic bulb shape light are a little too industrial for a boho style bedroom. Try to choose light coverings made from fabrics and natural woven materials to add some chunky style to your lighting, as well as softening the harsh glare of the bulb itself. Wall sconces are a great choice for bedside lighting - in fact, multiple sources of warm light are a wonderful way to make your room more inviting and an enticingly cosy boho bedroom. String lights can be used to add some playfulness to your space, and look wonderful above and around the bed.
  • Long curtains are a lovely way to add some boho-style flair to your bedroom, as well as the other benefits of curtains like light control and privacy. Gauzy sheers are an absolute must, as they diffuse the natural light to give your room a soft glow that fits perfectly with the boho aesthetic. Choose sheers with tassels, trims and patterns to help them uplift your boho bedroom style. Opaque curtains can feature bolder patterns, and are a great opportunity to reflect colours on your quilt and walls.
  • Furniture like side tables, drawers and wardrobes should be made from natural materials like wood and feature a matte texture, rather than a high-gloss finish. Look for vintage or second-hand pieces, as they'll often feature the textures, imperfections and unique features that the boho style is all about.
Boho Bedroom Decor Ideas

Boho Bedroom Décor Ideas

Now that you've got your bedroom furniture and bedding sorted, it's time to move on to the little things - your boho bedroom décor!

  • Floating shelves - the use of floating shelves helps create a stylish surface you can display on that won't take away from your other decorations. Floating shelves are shelving without any obvious supports, so they tend to be pretty minimal in design. This makes them perfect for showing off your boho-themed accessories!
  • Indoor plants - plants can bring the lush colour and unique designs of nature into your home, and are perfect for a boho style bedroom. Display your plants in gorgeous hanging planters, macrame-wrapped containers or rustic pots made of natural materials to reinforce your boho theme. Both real and artificial greenery work well in a boho bedroom, so choose whichever will best suit your needs.
  • Wall art - bare walls look sad, so let's dress them up with some wall art and wall accessories! Eclectic wall art paintings and prints really shine in a boho style bedroom, so choose bright and beautiful colours that complement the rest of your space. You can hang more than art on your walls too - macrame hangers, etched wall hangings and tapestries are all lovely ways to add texture to your walls and make sure your bedroom oozes that comfy boho style!
  • Rugs - bare floors can seem cold and uninviting, so up the cosiness with a floor rug or some side runners! Don't feel like you need to stick to one rug either - layering rugs is a great way to create a mixture of textures and colours on your floor that won't help create a cosy boho bedroom, but also keep your feet toasty warm in the morning as well.
  • Cushions - boho cushions shouldn't stay just on the bed! Pop them on chairs, at the base of furniture or just make a comfy cushion pile on the floor to take advantage of the gorgeous colour and texture of boho cushions.
Boho Bedroom

Of course there are so many more ways you can bring the boho bedroom inspiration than just these decorations alone. Candles, mirrors and other home décors can all be styled to suit a boho style bedroom. Just remember to look for comforting textures, vibrant colours and earthy finishes, and you'll have the perfect boho bedroom in no time!

Boho is a flexible style, giving you plenty of wriggle room to create a space that suits your tastes. Use blues, whites and yellows to create a boho beach bedroom, or combine earthy browns, oranges and reds for a Moroccan-themed boho space - style boho your way and create a space you'll be proud of!

Create A Heavenly Boho Bedroom With KOO

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