How To Choose The Right Style Of Curtain For Your Home

How To Choose The Right Style Of Curtain For Your Home

Choosing the right curtains for your home windows is important, both for functional and styling purposes. Curtains can help control the amount of light that enters your home, as well as helping keep your house warm or cool across the year.

Curtains are also wonderful for helping style your home, framing your windows and adding texture and colour to the room they are in. KOO's range of ready-made curtains come in a gorgeous range of colours and patterns, so it's easy to find a set that will match your home's style.

But how to choose curtains that will both match your home's style and provide the right amount of light and heat control? It's not always easy, but the team at KOO is here to help! This guide will cover everything you need to know about how to choose curtains for the main areas of your home that need them, like the bedroom and living room. We'll also go through how to choose the right curtain accessories like tracks, rod, hooks, rings and tiebacks, because it's the little things that can really make a difference!

What Kinds Of Curtains Can I Find At KOO?

When deciding what kind of curtains you want for your home at KOO you'll need to consider what type of fabric and function suits your space. We offer Sheer, Uncoated, Room Darkening and Blockout options.

Choosing The Right Curtains

Discover Elegant Sheer Curtains For a Soft Look

If you want to have natural light in your home without sacrificing your privacy, sheer curtains are both a functional and stylish choice! Often made from a transparent fabric like cotton or polyester, sheer curtains diffuse the light coming through the window and create a soft, almost glowing light that permeates your home.

When they are letting in light from the outside, sheer curtains will also 'reflect' some of that light back out, meaning people will not be able to see inside while the light is coming from outside. Be aware that at night, when you have lights turned on and no sunlight is coming in, the opposite will happen - you won't be able to see out of your sheer curtains, but others will be able to see in!

Blockout Curtains Offer Privacy and Insulation from the External Australian Elements.

If you want total privacy and a complete blockout effect from outside light, blockout curtains are your answer. Blockout curtains (also known as blackout curtains) are designed to cover your whole window and will turn day to night, when hung correctly. Because they are so insulted with a coating on the reverse side, blockout curtains can also help insulate your living space in the warmer and cooler months, keeping your house at the temperature you want and stopping heat transference through the glass of your windows. They're an affordable way to help you stay cool in summer and warm in winter!

Combine sheer and blockout curtains on a double curtain rod or track to get the best of both styles. Beautiful soft natural light during the day, and total privacy and darkness at night while you sleep.

Add Interest To Your Room With Curtains

Patterned Curtains Too Add Interest to Your Room

If you want to add some colour and interest to your home, try enhancing your windows with our patterned curtains! Our patterned curtains will provide a decorative element to the functionality of curtains. Many also come with a blockout lining, combining the style of a patterned curtain with the light-blocking capabilities of a blockout curtain.

Patterned curtains can be matched with other home décor for a complete look across your space - style them to complement your bed linen, living room throws or floor rugs.

The type of curtains you choose for your home can greatly influence how comfortable you can be in your space. With their influence over light and heat, your choice of curtain can even have an impact on your electricity bill!

Choosing Curtains For The Living Room

How To Choose Curtains For The Living Room

As the main space in your home where you will be entertaining, relaxing and socialising, your choice of living room curtains is an important one. When deciding on how to choose curtains for the living room, consider the following factors:

  • How much natural light do you want in your living room? Most living rooms tend to have plenty of electrical lighting options, whether it's a downlight, table lamp or wall mounted light. If you are happy using these, you may want to opt for light-filtering curtains instead of full sheers. If you would rather not use these lights if you can help it, then sheer curtains are a great option for lighting your living room during the day!
  • How much privacy do you want in your living room? If you have high fences or a large property with no nearby neighbours, you can probably suffice with sheers or light-filtering curtains - as you won't be sleeping there, there may be no need for total darkness in your lounge room. In comparison, if you need extra privacy, light-filtering or blockout curtains are a must for privacy.
  • What colour palette or style theme do you have in your living room? If you want curtains that can complement your dĂ©cor theme, look through our range of stylish blockout and light-filtering curtains. You'll find the most variety here, from muted natural tones through to beautiful designs inspired by nature. If you have a coastal, boho, rustic, nautical or chic-styled living room, then sheers will also work well with your design.

You should also consider how your living room will be used when choosing curtains. If you have kids and pets that love to play in your living room, delicate sheers may find themselves becoming damaged from stray toys and life's activity.

Choosing Curtains For The Bedroom

How To Choose Curtains For The Bedroom

Your bedroom has a different function to your living room, as a space you will be sleeping and relaxing in instead of entertaining. When deciding on how to choose curtains for the bedroom, consider:

  • Do you need total darkness to sleep? Maybe you work night shifts, or you just have a sensitivity to light, but total darkness makes getting sleep and staying asleep a lot easier. If this is the case, you will want to install a pair of quality blockout curtains across your bedroom window - they'll help with common night lights like street lamps, car headlights and sensor lamps.
  • Do you enjoy relaxing in your room during the day? Maybe you love curling up on your bed to read, or you have a cosy armchair perfect for putting your feet up nestled in the corner of your bedroom. If this is the case, choose some sheer curtains that will let in that lovely natural light that's perfect for unwinding in. Layer them with blockout or uncoated curtains so you can sleep in comfort!

Your bedroom curtains are a great opportunity to add some matching style to your quilt cover or rug, so look for colours and patterns across these linens that complement each other!

Choosing Curtain Accessories

How To Choose Curtain Accessories

There's more to curtains than the fabric themselves! Curtain accessories can impact how effective your curtains are and how easy they are to open and close.

Curtain Rod Or Track?

The curtain rod or curtain track is the length that your curtains will move back and forth on, and they can be made from metal, plastic or wood. Heavier curtains will require a strong curtain rod or track, like one made from metal, so it doesn't bend in the middle. Lighter curtains like sheers can function well on ones made from materials like plastic or lighter weight metal like aluminium.

Whether you use a curtain rod or track depends on a few things:

  • Do I want my curtain hardware to be visible? If you have some beautiful curtain hardware, like matt black or on trend brass gold looks , you'll want to show it off! If you'd rather let your curtains do the talking, a track will be hidden behind the top of your curtain.
  • Do I have young children in the house? Curtains that are on rods are opened and closed by simply pulling them with your hands. Curtain on tracks are configured with both hand drawn and cord drawn operations. Corded tracks can present a hazard to young children, so if you're worried, follow the installation instructions and use the cord safety device provided with our product.
  • What style curtain do I have? Curtains with certain styles of header will work better on a track than on a rod, and visa versa. Eyelet, tab top and rod pocket curtains need to be used with rods, while pencil pleat and pinch pleat style curtains can be hung on both a track or a rod, with some help from our accessories.

Curtain Tie-Backs

A tie-back accessory allows you to style your curtain as it hangs, and is a lovely way to really finish off a styled look. Tie-backs are easy to use and come in many different makes to suit your home décor.

Curtains can be tied back from the window for an elegant look, or even tied into bunches if you want to allow a secondary curtain behind to peek through.

Curtain Tie-Backs

Find Beautiful Ready Made Curtains At KOO

Find beautiful curtains and curtain accessories for your home at KOO. We have sheer, blockout and patterned curtains to use in your home, as well as curtain accessories like rods and tiebacks to complete your look.

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