Simple Ways To Fold And Store Towels

Simple Ways To Fold And Store Towels

We've all been there before. Walking over to the linen closet and opening the door, only to be bombarded by a sea of tumbling towels. This happens when we don't bother to fold our towels correctly, or worse yet, become lazy and stuff them in there. While we're the first ones to admit that it's easy to occasionally cut a corner in the laundry, when it comes to one's linen closet, it really is no work at all to keep your towels stacked neatly and give you that little Marie Kondo moment every time you open your cupboards. Read on below for KOO's best storage ideas for towels.

Always Sort Towels According To Size For Easy Organising

Sometimes called the pyramid approach, stacking towels in ascending size order makes them easy on the eye and even easier to determine what towels you have in what size, as they're generally all visible at once. Bonus marks for those who in addition to sorting in size order, go the extra mile and sort by colour as well. This method is best suited to smaller piles of towels, or instances where you have one of each towel size (face washer, hand towel, bath towel and pool or beach towel) - too many towels in each size category can make the pile unruly, particularly when you're regularly in need of a pool towel at the bottom, so proceed with caution as a primary pool towel storage.

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Tri-Fold Method

This fold can easily be completed on a flat surface or while you're standing. To complete the folding technique, lay the towel down on a surface and fold one corner of the narrow end of the towel over about two-thirds of the width, creasing the length of the towel and ensuring that the width of the fold remains the same. You then repeat with the remaining third of the towel over the folded portion to create a long, three-strip layer of towel. From here you can fold the strip either once or twice over to create a compact, stackable towel bundle. This is particularly suited to small rooms and narrow or tight shelves, saving space and creating an effective block of towels. Ideally suited to towels of the same size, it is a much neater alternative to stacking than simply folding into squares.

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Deep-Fold Method

Essentially the opposite of the tri-fold method, the deep-fold method is well suited to maximising space on very deep shelves. To complete this method, place a towel on a flat surface and working from the long side of the towel, fold one side of it over to the centre of the narrow end and make a crease down the length of the towel. Grab the other long side of the towel and fold it to the centreline of the narrow end, so that there are now two long parallel folds with edges that meet at the centre of the towel. Fold the towel in half lengthways so that the edges of the towel are now in the centre, creating four layers of towel in a long, skinny shape. Fold each narrow end toward the centre of the strip and leave a gap of between 1 and 2 inches between the folds so that the final fold can be done easily. To complete, do a final fold to bring the two halves together, resulting in a neat storage idea for your towel with no raw edges showing.

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Roll Up Method

We know, we know, a stack of rolled up towels can look like a little day spa. But when it's all said and done, roll up towels are a brilliant space saver, plus who doesn't want to be transported to a day spa for a few brief moments every time they open their linen cupboard? To start, fold the towel in half lengthways. Grab one of the corners and fold it into a triangle. Flip the towel then fold the corners into thirds, then flip the towel back and begin to tightly roll. Voila! A neatly rolled towel ready to be stacked amongst its buddies and make you the envy of all your house guests.

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Now that you know how to fold towels for storage, discover the full range of bathroom towels at KOO. Refresh your bathroom with new towels and try one of the towel organisation methods above to keep your home neat and tidy. Store your towles properly to increase their longevity and prevent wrinkles, this also includes beach towles, hand towles and even kitchen towels! You can try all the storage methods with any towel in your home. Don't forget to join the KOO Club for exclusive offers and specials!




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