Spring Bedroom Inspiration: Give Your Bed a Spring Makeover With KOO

Spring Bedroom Inspiration: Give Your Bed a Spring Makeover With KOO

As the weather starts to warm, now is the perfect time to update your bedroom style. When dreaming of bedroom makeover ideas, focus on crafting a space that not only feels calm, tranquil and refreshing, but a space that also channels the essence of the traditional 'spring cleaning' mindset - this will not only do wonders for your sleep quality but also your overall health and wellbeing. Choose items that bring joy for you and your family and bring with them a renewed sense of character for your bedroom space.

As the temperature begins to heat up, put away any heavy quilts and those extra fluffy blankets, and instead opt for lighter, breathable bedding as the warmer months start to roll around. Versatile fabrics such as linen, cotton and bamboo will become your best friends. Think pastel colourways, tantalising tonalities and bright hues, perfect to match against the blossoming spring weather and lush greenery unfolding this season just outside your door.

Start Your Spring Bedroom Makeover With an Inspiration Check

When thinking about bedroom inspiration this season, choose sunny aesthetics, colourful hues and soft materials. Inspire and feel a vibrant sense of spring creativity! Choose one colour scheme or go bold with a vibrant floral or patterned motif. Swap out those winter blankets and faux-fur cushions and instead choose materials that are lightweight, functional and aesthetically pleasing, such as fan-favourites linen, bamboo and cotton. As the gardens start to blossom, so too should your bedroom interior style!

Spring Quilt Cover Inspiration

Spring Quilt Cover Inspiration

The quickest way to bring about a sense of refreshing change in your bedroom is to modify your bedding, including both quilt covers and coverlets. A spring quilt cover can be the simplest solution for a better night's sleep. Choose a coverlet or a quilt cover that aligns with your spring aesthetic. After a more minimalist vibe? Then perhaps the linen quilt covers in gentle hues are right for you - the linen fabric is lightweight and gets softer with use. What about spring floral bed ideas? KOO's got you covered with a wide selection of flower patterns and prints.

Spring Sheets & Pillowcases

Spring Sheets & Pillowcases

When brainstorming bedroom makeover ideas, don't forget to consider the material of your bed linen. Both cotton and linen are the ideal natural fabrics for spring and summer. Linen is lightweight and helps to keep you cool during those warmer nights. Cotton is also an amazing must-have for spring, as it is not only easy to maintain, but is incredibly soft and naturally breathable. In keeping with a relaxing spring mindset, choose soft colours for your sheet sets and pillowcases as the perfect foundation for your bedroom aesthetic - think whites, dove greys or pastels.

Cushions & Throws to Add a Spring Touch To Your Bedroom

Both throws and cushions are ideal for any bedroom makeover. For those still cool evenings, a tasteful throw at the end of your bed can come in handy, whilst cushions are the perfect addition for adding in some fun and colour to otherwise natural, neutral or subdued colourways. For spring, choose poised pastels - relaxing lavenders, sunny yellows, dreamy blues, bold whites and gentle greens. You can also use bed cushions as an opportunity to bring in a sense of dramatic flair with moody charcoals and greys for an unexpected twist on the traditional spring aesthetic. Cushions with tassels and textile surfaces allow moments of textural and layered interest in the bedroom as well.

Enhance, Elevate & Enliven

Enhance, Elevate and Enliven Your Bedroom For Spring With KOO

When thinking about a spring bedroom makeover, you want to choose a style that aligns with your intentions for spring - whether that's a minimalist style with a contemporary linen quilt cover or a fun and bubbly floral vibe. Don't forget to bring in some fresh flowers and some potted plants to tie together that spring feel. Whatever your look, know that KOO has you covered with all your bedding needs. Shop everything you need to transform your bedroom and discover the complete range of bedding at KOO. Join the KOO Club for exclusive offers and benefits today!




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