Five Things To Consider When Deciding Which Bed Sheets Are Best

Five Things To Consider When Deciding Which Bed Sheets Are Best

Few things in life compare to the unbridled joy that comes with clean sheet night. If we could, we'd bottle that feeling and bask in its glory each and every evening. That mightn't be possible, but that's not to say that there aren't important considerations when selecting which bed sheets are best. Read on below for the do's and don'ts when it comes to the best bed sheets.

Choosing the Best Bed Sheet Material For Your Needs

The most important factor when deciding which bed sheets are best is choosing what material you're after. Most commonly, bed sheets tend to be made from cotton. As cotton is a natural material, it's highly breathable and stays comfortable all year round. It's also great for sensitive skin, and anyone with allergies will attest to how difficult a good night's sleep can be when you're irritated.

Picking a Colour Palette

KOO's Choice: KOO's 250 Thread Count Sheet Set in Pebble is a great neutral colour that is sure to go with any interior colour scheme.

Bamboo is a fabric that has grown in popularity in recent years when it comes to bedding. It's both breathable and highly cooling, owing to its moisture wicking qualities, and incredibly soft to the touch. It's also non absorbent, which means it's less likely to discolour and will stay looking new, longer. Bamboo cotton blended sheets have become a popular option too, getting the best of both worlds from your bed wear.

KOO's Choice: KOO's Bamboo Cotton Sheet Set in Grey is the ultimate in luxury sustainable bedding, enjoying properties from both bamboo and cotton.

Lastly, linen has become something of a darling on the interiors scene these past few years. Like both cotton and bamboo, linen is a natural fabric, and has anti-static, anti-bacterial and temperature regulating properties, ensuring a warmer sleep in winter and a cooler one in summer. Perhaps linen's biggest advantage is its lived in, charming look. Crinkles are celebrated here, and linen tends to get more comfortable over time with use.

KOO's Choice: The KOO Loft Linen Cotton Sheet Set Charcoal offers all the temperature regulating properties of linen with a timeless charcoal grey colourway to dial the relaxation up to a 10 in any bedroom.

Picking a Colour Palette that Suits Your Bedroom and Style

Prints, Patterns and Textures Can Add Extra Dimension

Once you've settled on your preferred material, the next decision to make is what coloured bed sheets you're after. Choosing the right colour can be just as critical as the fabric when deciding which bed sheets are best, so think about the styling of your bedroom. Coordination is key here, look around the room and determine the colours you use for your décor and how the headboard and other fabrics in the room bounce off one another. The aim isn't necessarily to have perfect monotone coordination here, so long as the different colours work together. Try similar shades for added consistency e.g. pairing pastels with other pastels, or pursuing a theme of earthy tones.

KOO's Choice: The Nectarine KOO 250 Thread Count Sheet Set provides wow factor via a brilliant pastel pop.

Considering the Thread Count

Thread count, sometimes shortened to TC, refers to the number of fibres a fabric contains per square inch. Generally speaking, a higher thread count suggests a softer sheet, although it's important to remember there's more to it than that and not all fabrics are the same. Bamboo sheets, for instance, deliberately have a lower thread count, as the fibres are designed for greater breathability.

KOO's Choice: To experience the ultimate in luxury cotton bedding, try the KOO Elite 1000 Thread Count Cotton Fitted Sheet White.

Prints, Patterns and Textures Can Add Extra Dimension

Bed Sheets You'll Love

Monochrome and matching bed linen isn't for everybody, and for the more maximalist bedrooms out there, printed bed linen is often best! Preference for prints will vary from person to person, but a general rule of thumb is to stick to just the one print in a given space. That doesn't mean that printed covers and sheets need to be paired with plain white - remembering to adhere to the general colour palette of the room can really allow a print to tie a room together. Additionally, choosing a patterned bed sheet set can add style to an otherwise plain bed. Patterned bed sheets are also great for kids' beds.

KOO's Choice: For an eye-catching alternative to typical bed sheets the KOO Peony Washed Cotton Sheet Set features a bold floral print that brightens up any room.

Pillow Cases

An oft-overlooked but nevertheless crucial part of setting up a relaxing bedroom space is the use of pillows. Whether they're decorative or designed to be slept on, pillows can break up a bed space and really cement the aesthetic that you're going for in your slumber haven. Pillowcases are an essential part of your bed sheets, so find the perfect pillowcase for your comfort and aesthetic preferences at KOO.

KOO's Choice: The KOO Dylan Waffle European Pillowcase Black European is a versatile pillow case that'll work with just about any space.

Choosing The Right Bed Sheets

Shop Bed Sheets You'll Love at KOO

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