Your Guide To The Best Beach Towels For An Australian Summer

Best Beach Towels For An Australian Summer

Whether you're going on an exotic overseas holiday or just to your local beach, having a beach towel on hand is an absolute necessity for keeping comfortable on the sand. On a bright, sunny day the sand of the beach can become quite hot, and a quality beach towel provides you with a soft, comfortable surface to lie out and relax on, as well as a way to quickly dry yourself.

At KOO we have a wonderful variety of beach towels for you to choose from, including soft cotton beach towels and sand-free polyester beach towels. But which kind are the best beach towels for you and your family? Let the towel specialists at KOO walk you through everything you need to know about beach towels, so you can make an informed choice and ensure every day at the beach is as fun and comfortable as possible!

What Is The Best Material For Beach Towels To Be Made Out Of?

You'll notice our beach towels tend to come in one of two materials - cotton or polyester. But what is the best material for beach towels? We'll let you decide - here are the main characteristics of each:

  • Cotton - natural, breathable and soft, cotton beach towels are prized for their ability to quickly dry a person and their delightfully cosy feel. Whether you are sitting on one or wrapped up in one, a cotton beach towel is the ultimate comfort!
  • Polyester - beach towels made from polyester dry super quickly, are stain and tear-resistant and won't pick up as much sand as a cotton towel. These lightweight towels can be rolled or folded up into a very small size, making them perfect for carrying around in a bag or backpack.

As you can see, each towel has its own set of properties that are quite appealing, depending on how you use the beach. Will you spend most of your time snoozing on your towel, or sitting on it chatting with your friend? A comfy cotton towel is best for you! Or are you an avid swimmer, hopping in and out of the water and drying yourself each time? A microfibre towel will dry between swims and resist any wear and tear. Whatever your needs, you can find some of the best beach towels in Australia right here at KOO!

What Is A Sand-Free Beach Towel?

What Is A Sand-Free Beach Towel?

A sand-free beach towel might sound like a myth, but you can find several of them right here at KOO. Sand-free towels are made from polyester and contain very small loops in their material design. This leaves no room for even the smallest grains of sand to hide, so when you stand up and lift your towel, all the sand will just slide off!

Because of these mini loops, sand-free towels may not dry you as well if you are dripping wet - luckily the warm weather we all look for when we visit the beach will help in this regard, drying you and your polyester towel in no time. If you go to the beach quite often in Australia, a sand-free towel will keep you dry and require minimal cleaning, giving you more spare time to enjoy at the beach!

Do Beach Towels Have Two Different Sides?

Do Beach Towels Have Two Different Sides?

You may have noticed that most beach towels have two different sides to them, with one feeling a little fluffier than the other. If your towel only has a print on one side, it will be on this fluffy side. That's because this is the side we have facing up when we're sitting on our beach towel, and it's also the side dry ourselves with, as the loops that make it feel fluffy are what absorb the excess water from our skin.

The flat side has had its loops sheared close, so it will feel smoother than the other side. This is the side that should be face-down on the sand when you are lying on your towel. This is because the flat surface leaves little to no room for the sand to find purchase, so you will find less sand stuck to your towel when you go to leave the beach, while you can sit comfortably on the fluffy side!

What Is The Difference Between A Beach Towel And A Bath Towel?

While they have some similarities, bath towels and beach towels are both very different and one should not be used in place of another. Here are the main properties of each:

Beach towels

  • Thin and light, perfect for rolling up and carrying around in your bag.
  • Have two different sides, one absorbent and one flat.
  • Feature bright, bold and colourful prints so they stand out on the beach.
  • Designed to be worn, wrapped around and sat on without experiencing wear and tear.
  • Designed to dry quickly.

Bath towels

  • Thick and fluffy, designed to make you feel comfortable as you step out of the shower
  • Are the same on both sides.
  • Feature stylish but muted designs for year-round use.
  • Designed to be used once a day, then hung up.
  • Dries slowly.

Bath towels vs Beach towels

As you can see, each towel is quite different, and you don't want to be mixing them up! Your bath towel will become full of sand and heavy with water if you take it to the beach, while your beach towel won't dry you off very well at home and won't feel as plush as a bath towel. Choose the right towel for the right occasion, so you can enjoy yourself to the fullest!

Discover Beautiful Beach Towels At KOO

You can find a wonderful range of beach towels right here at KOO, including circular beach towels great for sitting on, comfy cotton beach towels to wrap yourself in and sand-free beach towels for a minimal mess!

All KOO beach towels are available for home delivery, and for great deals, offers and specials, join the KOO Club today!



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