How To Create A Neutral Aesthetic-Inspired Bedroom

How To Create A Neutral Aesthetic-Inspired Bedroom

If you desire a bedroom that oozes relaxation and comfort, then filling your space with neutral bedroom décor and furniture is the perfect way to maximise these themes without sacrificing style. Neutral bedroom ideas often have a reputation for being boring or plain, but in reality, it is quite the opposite. Keeping to a neutral colour palette opens up incredible opportunities for decorating with texture, shape and patterns, allowing you to create a visually interesting bedroom that isn't overwhelming.

KOO offers a beautiful selection of home décor and bedroom essentials you can use to achieve this aesthetic, including neutral quilt covers, bed linens, cushions, decorations and more. We hope to inspire you to create a space you'll love to relax in - read on to discover how to create a neutral aesthetic bedroom with KOO!

Neutral Bedroom Colour Ideas

The base of any cosy neutral bedroom idea lies in the colours you choose, but there's more to it than you think.

For starters, white isn't your main choice of colour when choosing your colour palette - in fact, pure white should be mostly avoided! Bright white can come across as quite harsh, which won't help our goal to create a calm and relaxing space. That doesn't mean you can't use white at all - small pops can be quite refreshing, so white décor like vases, cushions or frames can match your neutral aesthetic quite well.

Muted white colours like cream, beige, milk, taupe and soft grey are strong choices for your larger pieces like your bedspread, curtains and rug or carpet.

You can also work with earthy browns, clays and blacks, as long as these are balanced with lighter colours to provide some respite from the boldness of these hues.

Finally, neutral doesn't mean you have to abandon your favourite primary colours! Reds, blues and greens can certainly feature - but make them very light, perhaps even pastel, so they complement your other neutral tones, rather than overshadowing them.

Need some neutral bedroom inspo to get started with? Take a look at the styled spaces in our bedroom category for plenty of natural bedroom inspiration!

Neutral Bedroom Colour Ideas

Neutral Bed Inspirations

As the main feature in your bedroom, your choice of bedding is paramount in creating and maintaining a neutral bedroom aesthetic. When choosing bedding, consider:

  • Choose a neutral quilt cover - to achieve a neutral minimal aesthetic, your quilt cover is an important choice. Try a linen quilt cover set for a minimalist yet luxurious look and feel. A neutral quilt cover often comes with a built-in textured look, so choose a complementing colour for your aesthetic and watch it tie your whole bed together!
  • Your bed sheets - as the base of your bedding, your fitted and flat sheets don't have to display any detailed patterns or colours. You can choose neutral-coloured sheets without fear of them really interacting with the rest of the room, as they will probably be covered by your coverlet, quilt or doona.
  • Your coverlet - essential for those of us sleeping in warmer climates, a stylish coverlet can be used both to keep you warm at night and for bedroom décor. If a coverlet is the last layer you'll have on your bed, choose a neutral colour with a pattern or texture to add some visual interest.
  • Your pillowcases - match your two pillowcases with the rest of your bedding to create a cohesive look that matches the rest of your neutral décor. You can choose pillowcases that are a different colour to the rest of your bedding for a little contrast, but the key thing to remember is to stick to your neutral colour palette and make sure your colours complement each other, rather than brashly standing out.

You can add extra layers and depth to your bed with things like textured throws, decorative cushions and even a valance or wrap around the base. Keep your colour choice neutral, but feel free to get creative with textures to create some visual interest!

Neutral Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Neutral Bedroom Furniture Ideas

The furnishings around your bed are a great opportunity to add some neutral colours and interesting textures. Avoid high-gloss and bright metallics in your furniture, as these are cold and uninviting, especially in the bedroom. Opt instead for timber and wooden furnishings, as their warm, natural colouring will perfectly fit your neutral aesthetic.

When choosing lighter furniture pieces like side tables or bench seats, you can also opt for plant-based materials like wicker. Woven furnishings have a lovely, chunky texture and sandy colour that match wonderfully with a neutrally-toned space.

If you want to have metallic accents on your furniture, like handles or edging, then look for warmer metals like brass instead of cool tones like silver and gold. The warm tone and minimal shine of brass will help it blend into and accentuate your furniture rather than creating shine.

The floor of your bedroom is important - make it warm and comforting with the use of a neutrally-toned rug or carpet. Not only will it keep your feet warm after you roll out of bed, but a rug is a perfect time to add a lovely pattern and some textures to your space.

How to Style Neutral Bedroom Décor

The smaller things in your bedroom can really contribute to your neutral bedroom aesthetic. Try a few of these neutral bedroom décor ideas in your space to help create the style you are after:

  • Decorative cushions - separate from the cushions on your bed, these decorative cushions are great for creating little pops of colour and texture around your room. They're a great candidate for the paler colours like pink, yellow and blue we mentioned earlier! Rest them on a single armchair, window nook or end bench.
  • Wall art - when choosing wall décor for your bedroom, look for beige, cream and brown frames surrounding simple but elegant pieces of art. Black frames can also work, but they will become a focal point of the room and should be carefully styled so as to take advantage of this.
  • Other home décor - small home accessories like candles, clocks, diffusers and statuettes are a lovely way to add small pops of colour and style, and this is the time to use that bright white colour! Don't add too many pieces to any particular space, as clutter may create a space that is too busy and distracts from the rest of your bedroom. Of course, sticking to your other neutral colours is a wonderful idea too - neutral beige bedroom decor is a strong choice for any piece.
Neutral-Inspired Bedroom

Create A Neutral-Inspired Bedroom With Koo

Dreaming of a comfortable space you can truly relax in? Create a neutral-inspired bedroom with us here at KOO that you'll love to lounge in. We hope you've found some cosy neutral bedroom ideas here!

You can find a wonderful range of neutral bedroom accessories online - choose from a variety of payment options, then have your order safely delivered to your front door.

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